“Will this really work in my business?”

You’re not alone if you’re wondering how you can you turn your existing client to spend on this revolutionary BOC NF package.

Clients are craving this, all you need to do is to educate and inspire them into saying Yes to natural transformation through this proven process. Not only they pay you the price of admission but become very loyal and motivated to stay with you for a long time.

“Do I need to invest in new equipment?”

If you are in business most likely you already have what you need to run your business.  You won’t need any specialized equipment.

“How soon will I make money?”

This program was designed to make you money as soon as you become proficient in BOC NF.  The goal is to get your return on investment in 90 days. Once you complete the training you begin the hands-on practice to make sure you are clear on your delivery and pricing. Once you have that, you’ll be ready to enroll clients into your new offering with confidence.

“Can I just figure this out on my own?”

Every skin care professional knows the facial muscles and structure of the skin so you may be able to learn this on your own. However, there is a specific formula to this process. If you are not clear and think you can just ‘wing it” your clients will sense that.  

The problem is, most likely you’ll be missing key elements of the process and  then you’ll run a huge risk in offering this to your clients. As a result it can backfire on you and potentially drive away your clients. BOC NF is a tried-and-true facial treatment package that comes with reputation and testimonials you can use in your business.

“ I am just starting out in business, can I learn BOC NF process?”

Yes any licensed esthetician can learn this process. Since you are starting out and don’t have many clients it may take longer for the return on investment. However, in addition to the techniques you will also learn the sales and marketing which will help you in growing your business.

“Is this process safe to use on everyone?”

This is a natural method that is based on face stimulation through face massage. The BOC skin care products are botanically based and safe for everyone including those with sensitive skin.

“How long is the training?”

Depending on the package you get one day or two days intensive training on location. In addition one and two days of coaching calls and anytime access via text. Certificate of Competency is awarded upon submission of 3 cases of your work that include before and after photos.

“How much does it cost?”

There are three levels of training. The cost will depend on your business structure and how many estheticians will be trained.


To begin the process please fill out the FORM stating the goals for business so that it can be customized specifically for your business.