Attention Spa Owners and Skin Care Professionals!

You Are About To Discover How to Stand Out From The Competition and Make More Money  While Working Less...

Dear Spa Owner…

Your spa business (and mine) is a sanctuary for many who are looking for help and guidance into health and beauty. You're meant to make an impact in the world - empower women and build their confidence through looking good!

Imagine your spa is bustling with loyal clients who finally appreciate the results they’re getting from your facials. They’re raving about you to their friends. You now have a waiting list of clients who are willing to wait weeks to spend time with you and experience your treatments.

In addition to offering individual services, you’re selling packages that guarantee predictable income stream, so that your attention is only on the delivery of the outstanding facial treatments. Remember you are now an expert and getting paid for the results not the hours spent with the client.

This is totally possible for you!

I know this because I’ve discovered the perfect solution to help my clients look younger without going under the knife and help my business to flourish in a record time. I want to share this win-win method with you so that your small business grows exponentially so that next year you can take the well deserved vacation with your family without worrying about the money.

You’re in the right place if you feel...

  • Worried because your clients don’t come back… even though you know you delivered an outstanding service
  • You have no life and are frustrated because you're spending most of your time in the treatment room
  • Overwhelmed because you have to discount your prices to bring in new clients.
  • Not happy because you are missing out important time with your family… that you can’t get back.

You’ve probably been thinking about doing something about it for some time, so let’s get started now.

You’re in the right place if you’re READY to… 

  • Stop discounting your services for good
  • Attract clients who would are happy to pay premium for your facials
  • Significantly raise your rates without losing your current clients
  • Create a predictable increase in your cash flow so you never have to worry about your business.

Clients were looking for RESULTS. And they're willing to pay PREMIUM for it.

After many years of running a successful spa business I realized that being busy and offering all of the spa services to masses is not a sustainable solution.  The time that I spent managing the employees and the operation wasn't giving me ability to enjoy my life. I was stuck in the Time For Dollar Paradigm were my income was capped by how many clients I've served. And that's when I then decided to focus my attention on one thing.

After doing some market research I found that people were most interested in Anti Aging Skin Care. I was shocked but knew that my education and experience well prepared me for idea. In a matter of weeks I got very busy. I thought I found the key to freedom from the Time For Dollar Paradigm 

And that how the Beauty On Command Natural Face Lift (BOC NF) was born.

My clients were thrilled to know that they can now avoid risky surgeries and painful injections and were more than happy to invest in my program. I didn't have to wait long before they were raving about it to their friends. Everyone was happy because they got the results they were looking for.

The best part... that simple tweak allows me now to enjoy what I do, have more time off and have a predictable cash flow. And I want that for you too!

Keep reading to learn how you can... create “consistent” cash flow and have more time to enjoy friends and your family.

Traditionally, we all begin following the Time For Dollar Paradigm and believe in the old truth that says --the more hours you work the more money you make.  

Let's challenge that thought, here is an example...

Let’s take a look at an average spa ticket at $60 per hour.

40 hrs week at this rate should award you with $2,400 a week, 60 hrs you’d have earned $3,600 and so on. Are you following me?

And one day....

you decide to take a day off or go away on the well deserved vacation.

How much do you earn then? You are right! You earn zero dollars.

I knew that something had to change...


I felt I was trapped in this never ending struggle to get ahead and help more people to get the results they desired. Most healing professionals struggle with charging adequately for their time and as a result they burn out.

I was compelled to make a bigger difference and empower spa owners/estheticians to enjoy the  benefits of my discovery to financial freedom while offering their gifts to the world and those who appreciate them.

I, too, had to take a risk and follow an advice of my business mentors. This new brave thinking allowed me to take a leap of faith and take my business to the next level.

I’ve created a perfectly sustainable business model Beauty On Command Natural Facelift Method… and now YOU can benefit from it and take advantage of this well rounded skin care blueprint which took many years of trial and error and now it is alive and ready to be shared.


You’re about to discover what’s possible with my tried-and-true system that I’m excited to share with you now!

  • Retain loyal clients who stay with you no matter what kind of discounts they see outside of your spa
  • Double the value of each client you already have
  • Secure your monthly cash flow and protect your business against seasonal slumps

With my expert help, you will learn essential skills including:

  • Effective sales skills so that you don't feel pushy or aggressive.
  • Proven marketing strategies so that you can quickly build your client base while charging more.
  • Confidence so that you feel completely in control of the process from beginning to the end.
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BOC Natural Facelift Method

After investing in my 4 weeks program you will be offered my personal hands-on-coaching and a blueprint to follow. Once you complete all of the recommended steps of the process you will be asked to perform this treatment in full to 3 clients (could be paid or free) to earn the BOC certification and all of the benefits that go along with it.

And, the best part is...

You don’t need to buy any additional equipment to offer this service in your spa.

You don’t need to add staff to make this work for you.

You don’t even need to look for new clients as I am going to teach you how you can convert your existing clients to invest in this natural and extremely effective procedure.

BOC business model fits into your existing business and gives you a quick return on your investment.



Take a look at the RESULTS our clients are
getting with BOC Natural Facelift


Debbie M, NJ

It has been about 3 months since my 1st visit and yesterday I had my 2nd facial. I also repurchased the AHA Cleanse Exfoliant and the Firming Peptide Serum because I found that these two products have made a huge difference with my skin.

These are the first products I have come across that I never want to run out of!!!! This is my favorite place for my facial needs.

Here are examples of some of our clients. The program consists of four sessions delivered in 7 day intervals.

Client#1:  3rd sessions completed and the results are remarkable. The neck and the jaw line is defined and lifted.


Client#2:  Completed the whole series of 4 sessions. Her skin is much stronger, the collagen is rebuilt to a youthful level. Her cheeks and jawline are defined and more youthful. The redness of the skin has dramatically decreased.


Client#3:  This is the result after just one session on BOC NF. The neck and the cheeks are drastically improved.


Client#4:  One session of BOC NF. The results are amazing. Her neck is lifted and it looks much younger.


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“You’re are READY for this”

Here Are The 3 Stages To Success With BOC Method

Stage 1
Discover Your Potential

In this stage, you’ll ...

  • Receive 1-on-1 Strategy Session with Yolanda Russo, founder of BOC NF System
  • Get clear action steps for exactly what to do to increase your monthly profits
  • Learn how to implement “Repeat Client System” for predictable monthly cash flow
  • Get immediate access to online portal to expand your vision and access the BOC blueprint.

Stage 2
Master The Techniques

In this VIP Day, you’ll receive...

  • Hands On Training for you and/or your team.
  • Practical training on quick transition from learning to offering it to your clients.
  • Learn how to get your existing clients excited about BOC program

Stage 3
Grow Your Profits


In this stage, you’ll learn...

  • How to fill your calendar with clients who are craving this service.
  • How to Sell without being salesy! Learn the secrets so that your clients ask you if they can buy it from you.
  • How to create your marketing message to promote this to your local area.

Follow all of the assigned steps in the blueprint and reach out for a personalized help during our weekly online calls and you will succeed. If you do everything you learn and still not get the results I will personally visit your spa again and help you to 'correct the course' and make money.

Choose The Best Program For Your Business

Premium Program

  • Group training for up to four estheticians
  • 2 Day of VIP onsite training while you look over my shoulder how I promote and deliver the treatment right in your spa.
  • Online Training Program
  • Weekly Q&A via What's Up App
  • One monthly coaching call a month
  • Certification and ability to use BOC reputation
  • Ongoing wholesale pricing on skin care products
  • Elite Status in our online directory

Bonus: Zit Zapper Bar (acne treatment training and implementation).

Extra Bonus: <Look Over My Shoulder> training session - Join Yolanda Russo at her Spa while she is working with her clients.

Plus Program

  • Training for one esthetician.
  • 1 Day VIP onsite training while you look over my shoulder how I promote and deliver the treatment right in your spa.
  • 1 Coaching call a month for 3 months
  • Online Training Access
  • Weekly Q&A via What's up app
  • Certification and ability to use BOC reputation
  • Retail starter package
  • Ongoing wholesale pricing on skin care products
  • Elite Status in our online directory

Bonus: Zit Zapper Bar training and implementation.

Extra Bonus: <Look Over My Shoulder> training session - Join Yolanda Russo at her Spa while she is working with her clients.

Quick Start Program

  • 1 Day VIP Training and Implementation
  • Online Training Portal
  • Weekly Q&A via What's Up app
  • Certification and ability to use BOC reputation
  • Ongoing wholesale pricing on skin care products
  • Ability to do a la carte upgrades in the future

Bonus: Zit Zapper Bar( acne facial treatment training and implementation)

Here Is What's Possible

Your Business Before BOC Method  and  Your Business After   

Typically 4 visits earn you $400

Earning of $10,000 a month

Typically you need 25 clients

Earning of $120,000 a year

Typically you need 300 clients

Spa using BOC Method earns $995 for their 4 visits

Earning of $10,000 a month

Your Spa After requires 10 clients

Earning of $120,000 a year

 120 clients

Can you see the potential?

Less Clients. More Money Earned


With the wisdom to open your business came choices.

Choice to climb it all by yourself  or get some help so you can quickly climb to the top and easily create the financial and personal freedom you deserve now.

I hope you’ll give yourself this opportunity to make a bigger impact in your life and the lives of others by investing in mentorship that will skyrocket your success.

Take this step now in saying YES to making more money and serving more clients, all while working less and finally spending more time with your family and friends.

I invite you to say, “Yes!” now from a place of love for the life you want, the clients you’re here to serve, and the hugely profitable business you’re here to create.

Yes ! I am ready to discover my potential!

The first step is to tell me a little bit about your business. Then we'll have a 1-1 Strategy Session where I'll reveal a customized action plan for increasing your monthly profits. Sounds good? Then...


It’s time to take action now.
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Your clients are waiting for you to offer

an alternative solution to plastic surgery.


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